About me

My name is Magdalena Tjäder I 'm 54 years old sami woman and  I live in Stockholm, I grew up in Jämtland, in middle of Sweden. I went to Sami primary school and then I studied Sami handicraft at folkhögskolan in Jokkmokk, which is located in northern Sweden. I have the duodji certificate which is a quality assurance for genuine Sami handicraft. Throughout my adult life, handicraft has been in focus and my specialty is leather and tin sewing.

The reindeer skin that is naturally tanned comes from Keros in Sattajärvi and I use the colors white, black, natural and brown. The tin is from Jillker's tin. I use both tin and pearls. My basic philosophy is to develop the traditional handicraft and give it a more modern touch, where the imagination can flow freely. All jewelery is named after South Sámi names with a connection to animals, nature and plants.